Occasions when People Send Flowers and Cakes in India

Occasions when People Send Flowers and Cakes in india

Today, our family and friends are spread across distant areas due to which visiting all of them on special occasions has become next to impossible. But, thanks to the internet, this distance is annihilated and the online world is where we have come all-the-more closer to each other. And what else has this online world made possible – ordering and sending online cakes and flowers.
Flowers are your best friend when you want to convey your emotions while cakes, well who doesn’t like cakes. Send this couple to your loved ones and they will surely win their hearts. Let’s see the best occasions when people in India order cakes and flowers online to send to their dear ones.

● Birthdays – What’s a birthday without a cake? A freshly baked cake, layered with creamy icing and a cherry on the top! Ummmm, mouth-watering, isn’t it? Online stores serve a wide range of options in cakes. Right from various flavors, shapes, sizes to getting a personalized one, online gifting shops offer them all. All you need to know is what your dear ones like. The cake when accompanied by a bouquet of flowers is just going to make the birthday even more happier. But be sure that you are ordering the flowers from the best online flower shopping website that promises to deliver only fresh flowers.

 Marriages and anniversaries – Some marriages are considered incomplete without the customary cake cutting. The best way to wish a couple of sweet beginnings is by sending a beautifully crafted, delicate cake in case you are unable to attend their wedding. And what better way to celebrate a marriage anniversary than cutting a delicious cake. Order a cake online for your friend couple living in a far another city and give them your wishes.
As for flowers, roses are the ideal ones for these occasions. If unfortunately, you are away from your loved one on your marriage anniversary, then all you gotta do is choose a trusted online flower shopping store and order the best flowers to be sent your soulmate’s way.

● Festivals – India falls no short of festivals. With so many festivals in line, it is practically impossible to be with family and friends on every occasion. And that’s why, we think, the tradition of sending sweets to each other came into existence. Christmas is one such festival where cakes are a favorite amongst everybody. Send a fruit cake with plums to your near and dear ones and wish them a merry X’mas. Let the flowers follow the cake and complete the festival celebrations.

● Special days – Take a peek at your calendar and you will find so many special days to send a cake and flowers to your special ones. Living in another city, away from your loved one on a valentine’s day? Make a romantic move and surprise him/her by ordering a cake and roses online and sending it their way. Wouldn’t your mother be happy on receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers from you on mother’s day? Father’s day, Friendship day, Teachers’ day, Children’s day – the list is never-ending. Send cakes and flowers and let your favorites know how much they mean to you.

● Get Well Soon – We all know how any illness can make a person dull. All they need is a little splash of colors to feel fresh and elated. The divine fragrance of flowers and their vibrant colors will surely help in recovering your loved ones faster. When you are unable to attend them in their sickness, you can order online flowers and send it to them wishing them a speedy recovery.
Now that you know how online gifting stores are no longer letting distance dilute the love in your relationships, choose the occasions to send a cake and flowers to your near and dear ones. Happy ordering!

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