Flowers The Way to A Woman’s Heart

Flowers: The Way to A Woman’s Heart

Women are a difficult specie to understand, everybody says. They get angry if you don’t wish them on special occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They get angry if you do wish them but not in a proper manner (even the Universe has failed to define this proper manner). Flowers,Gift them diamonds, and they’ll want pearls. Gift them clothes, and they’ll want handbags. And, if you wish them through Facebook or What’s app only, then you are dead for sure.

So how do we make women happy? Well, we have a solution for this, which will neither be hard on your pocket, nor will it require you to write anything. We’re talking about FLOWERS! Before you roll your eyes and say, ‘Flowers, how cliche!’, let us tell you that during the Victorian Era, giving and receiving of flowers had developed a whole new language. Flowers hold the power of perfectly conveying your feelings and intentions.
So, let’s see when you can gift flowers instead of wishing through Facebook and Whatsapp.

● Birthdays 

Women have a tendency of saying that they don’t want any gifts on their birthday. WARNING- Never ever listen to them, you do that and you have an unhappy woman on your hands. Wishing through social media platforms will cause further ire because that just shows how less you care for them. Just buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Customize it with her favorite flowers. The fact that you remembered the right flowers will certainly make them feel special.

● Anniversaries 

Anniversaries hold a special meaning in themselves. It is the time you recollect the day when you started a new phase and a beautiful journey. But men being men, often forget this special date. But panic not, once you are reminded of the day, grab a bouquet of flowers and that will be enough to make your soulmate ecstatic.
● Valentine’s Day

That’s the day to profess your unconditional love. And what better way to do that than flowers! Declaring your love through a Whatsapp or Facebook message or over a phone call is nothing but a coward’s way out. Yes, rude as it might sound, but that’s the truth. Instead, keep surprising her throughout the day with different flowers. And here’s something, every flower presents a different meaning. Remember the flower language from the Victorian Era? Provide her a flowers dictionary (yes, there are those too!) and let her eagerly keep searching the meaning of the flowers you send.
● Mother’s Day –

Being a mother is a hard work. She has gone through 9 months of discomfort to bring you to this world, taken care of you through thick and thin and has endured many sleepless night just for your well-being. She deserves more than just a wish over a phone call or Facebook/Whatsapp message on Mother’s Day. Take her out for dinner and present her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to let her know how much you love her and how important she is in your life.
Now that you know how flowers can be your savior on many occasions where you have to show your love and care for the beautiful women in your life, waste no time and let flowers do their magic on your loved ones.

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