Bas ek click par wish karo

Bas ek click par wish karo!

Bas ek click par wish karo !!

With tons of online shopping portals now available at their disposal, people no longer have to visit brick-and-mortar shops and wait in long queues to buy gifts for others. But with so many options available, it is a huge dilemma which online portal to go with. Should we choose the one which gives quality products but charges over the top or should we choose the one which provides on-time delivery but doesn’t take any responsibility for the product delivered? No matter whom we choose, we always encounter problems with online shopping. With so many unsatisfied customers, these websites are certainly doing it wrong.

But, here is one online gifting portal that makes up for all the complaints that you have with these shopping websites. Our online gifting portal – Using you can order gifts like pre-printed stationery, exclusive gifts, cakes, chocolates, tree plants and FLOWERS! Yes, we deliver those too – absolutely fresh and those that smell heavenly.
Below is how Karowish gets it all right!

● Best Quality Products – karowish deliver ONLY quality products. We know how gifts can make or break a bond between you and the receiver and so we strive to provide the best gifts to you. We take full responsibility for the gifts we deliver and the condition in which they are delivered. We ensure that if you have ordered flowers to be delivered, then those are delivered in their prime health. We guarantee that we will not compromise on the quality of your gifts.

● Unique Delivery Module -We won’t deliver multiple gifts. No, we won’t! Instead, we will keep surprising the receiver by delivering your multiple gifts one at a time at regular intervals. That way, you can make your loved one’s day even more special. Also, even though we work along with merchants and channel partners, it is our sole responsibility to deliver your gifts to the receiver. And if the receiver is a selfie addict then they are sure to love us. Because as a delivery receipt, we send you a receiver’s selfie with your gift!

● Easy On The Pocket –  Are no pocket rippers and have no intention of looting you. We are here to provide you with gifting options that are affordable and without any compromise on the quality. And in case you have forgotten the special day and haven’t ordered any gift yet, then there’s no need to hit the panic button yet. You can easily place an order with us 2 hours prior to the delivery time at very minimal charges. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

● Customization of bouquets –

You can send a customized bouquet using Choose the flowers that you or the receiver likes and our florists will put the freshest flowers into a beautiful arrangement with their expertise. We take full responsibility for the condition of the flowers in which they are delivered. In case you aren’t satisfied with the delivery then we will provide you full refund or replacement. We run a customer centric business and will provide the best customer service for a hassle-free online gifting experience.

Karowish not only delivers gifts but also delivers emotions and feelings. We are here to make your wishes come true. So choose Karowish and have a happy online gifting experience.

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